Santa Fe Botanical Garden Spokane Photographer Alan Tower Picture of the garden in winter

This view of the Santa Fe Botanical Garden shows the textures and colors in their winter garden. Spokane Photographer Alan Tower photo of squatting figure or sculpture in the garden.

The garden is both garden and museum with so many fine art pieces on display!

The Santa Fe Botanical Garden offers inspiration to those of us living in a cold and dry climate.  Though they got more rain than us last summer, most years we’re nearly the same and given their 7000′ elevation the winter is cold much like ours (though they have considerably more sunshine).    What do we see there that could be of use to us?

First off, they have some fine design in their xeric landscape.  They use  drought tolerant plants such as rabbit brush and many of the same perennials we plant and sell here at Tower Perennials.  Penstemons, perovskia …  lots of overlap in their gardens and ours.  Grasses are a mainstay at Santa Fe Botanical Garden and they make use of many that thrive in Spokane. Spokane Photographer Alan Tower photo of hedge of rabbitbrush in winter

Rabbit brush is used effectively as a 4-5′ tall hedge. It blooms bright yellow in late summer and is deer resistant and looks great in winter, too.

The Santa Fe Botanical Garden also benefits from well executed pathways and hardscape, and boasts a magnificent collection of sculpture.  In case you did not know, the small town of Santa Fe is the 3rd largest seller of  art in the USA, beating out cities as large as Chicago, Atlanta, and Seattle.  There is a concentration of artists allowing for a virtual outdoor gallery in the garden.

The garden is located on Santa Fe’s Museum Hill, and was a personal favorite.  I think it will appeal to gardeners and non-gardeners thanks to the artwork.  It was a great spot to take photos as well if that’s your hobby.  Think cool Facebook posts!

deer antlers on the head of a full figure sculpture outdoors at the Santa Fe Botanical Garden. Spokane Photographer Alan Tower

One of many sculptures on display at the Santa Fe Botanical Garden.

I love the design of the ramada at the garden.  The somewhat random collection of bent posts supports a very artistic array of salt cedar (tamarisk) bundles .  It is a very distinctive design, immediately recognizable in any photograph.

A visit to the Santa Fe Botanical Garden is sure to delight you…even in winter when I last visited the garden was entertaining and informative. Spokane Photographer Alan Tower

The Ramada is one of the key architectural features of the Santa Fe Botanical Garden.

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