Certified Arborist

A certified arborist is one of the “big guns” for a garden.  As a garden designer, when I see a property one of the things I evaluate is  the need for services of an arborist.  If you need extensive removals, or extensive reshaping or the removal of any large tree, then an arborist is suggested…. [Continue Reading]

Deadheading Your Garden

Deadheading is key to the garden’s performance, particularly in late summer, August/Sept.   Deadheading is simply the removal of the spent blooms in the garden.  By mid or late August, typically the lavender is due to be sheared back to the foliage.  Dahlias are in full swing, but like most perennials, will nearly stop blooming… [Continue Reading]

Controlling Slugs

I’ve grown hostas and other shade plants for many years, and slugs are just about the only pest that ever bothers them.  Controlling slugs is not a very appetizing task (unless you have a duck on the premises…they find them appetizing).  The tell tale damage from slugs are holes in the leaves.  They don’t chew… [Continue Reading]

Watering Your Plants

Watering your plants is one of the single most important things you can do for your garden.  Almost all plant failures have to do with watering, typically under watering in our climate.  New plants need a lot of water.  They have small root systems and are dependent on your watering to find enough to survive…. [Continue Reading]

Opening the Garden 2016

If you’re a reader of this blog, you may recall that the British term for the spring cleaning of the garden in preparation for the new season is “Opening the Garden”.  I like this term.  It conveys the readiness and preparation one feels for the season. After the devastating windstorm, I think we’re ready for… [Continue Reading]

Controlling Weed Seeds

Late summer is the main time for controlling weed seeds in the garden, because nasty weeds like thistle or wormwood and so on develop most of their seeds in August.  Obviously, there are weeds that are much quicker than this, so it’s important to weed throughout the growing season, but late summer is prime time…. [Continue Reading]

Weeding tools

The battle against weeds is particularly brutal for the dedicated gardener.  We need to enter the battle with our mace, our sword, and our AK-47 of the gardening world.  So which weeding tools do we bring to the foray? First, there’s glyphosate.  Roundup.  Or Buccaneer or Glystar Plus or any generic equivalent.  Spray em dead…. [Continue Reading]

Doomed Weeds

Doomed weeds, now that sounds promising!  The one I have labeled “doomed’ is one that just got a spring glyphosate (RoundUp or equivalent) dose.  I do a “surgical” strike on my beds before all the plants grow out for the season.  Luckily, grass and weeds often emerge and begin active growth early, before the garden… [Continue Reading]

Opening the Garden: Spring Cleaning

I had an employee who had previously worked in the UK who shared the phrase “Opening the Garden” as the British equivalent of “Spring Cleaning”.  Winter’s debris is removed and the grasses and other plants left up for winter interest are cut back.  With our warm winter this year, now is the time to be… [Continue Reading]

Cutting Back: Fall Cleanup

Most of the garden cleanup for the year is done in fall.  Of course, we rake the needles and leaves.  A few of us grind those up and add them with green material to the compost pile.  Some of us put them in large black yard waste bags and may even use a few bags… [Continue Reading]