Planting Your Containers

The succulent mangave is surrounded with lobularia and petunia ‘Night Sky’. Fabulous!

Planting your containers is one of the most exciting of spring activities.   It is so much fun putting them together.  I love to plan the colors, sizes and textures of my pots.  We are just coming into the time when we plant for the season.

Petunia ‘Daybreak Charm’ has a massive bloom count all summer long. Here it cascades all the way to the ground.

I am often asked about perennials in pots.  Here’s the simple reply.  I have thousands of perennials, but look at my pots.  When I am planting my containers for summer, I choose annuals.  They are much more colorful and much more dramatic.   Perennials take time to establish and gain their garden show in the 2nd or 3rd season typically.  I don’t want to wait for a container to look good.  Also, most perennials end up far too large to be sensible in most pots, bloom only part of the season, and just can’t measure up to annuals.

I do use some perennials (temporarily) in pots over the winter.  Heuchera, some of the grasses… plants like that can work fine.  They give some color to pots in the winter months.   However, when summer comes I take them out and I plant the annual display.  

You’ll love the plant combinations from Tower.   We have big plants like dahlias, fuchsia, papyrus, cordyline, canna, kangaroo apple and more that can be the centerpiece of even the largest pot.   We have a complete selection of the best petunia varieties.   No petunia we have ever seen produces more flowers then ‘Daybreak Charm’, but all our plants are chosen for their outstanding performance. 

This pot shows a dahlia as a centerpiece and a variety of other annuals mixed with it for fill and interest.

 I plant agaves and mangaves in containers and keep these plants in them year round.   We protect those pots in winter.  I grow the mangaves indoors under lights, and I keep the agaves in my greenhouse.   These are beautiful specimen plants.  Winter protection is worth it.

Petunia ‘Pink Sky’ like its sister ‘Night Sky’ has been very popular. Shown with a Cordyline in the container.

Spanish Flag is but one of several possible annual vines for trellises or other climbing structures.

Our annuals excite.  They burst with color.  They  wow your guests.  Planting your containers will be a mission accomplished.   So, bring in a photo of the pot, and we can help you make just the right choices for sun, shade, and whatever need you may have.

The Canna is the main event in this large container, but the other flowers we added to the pot make it colorful indeed.