Kailey at Tohono Chul Botanic Garden

Of course, Tohono Chul has lots of specimen desert plants, so we took a number of shots pairing her with them.

I was fortunate to have Kailey Wilson join me in Tucson for 3 days of photography and tourism. Thus, I offer this tale of Kailey at Tohono Chul Botanic Garden.

We talked about the trip and decided to start shooting at Tohono Chul shortly after her arrival. We had a few hours before we could check into our airbnb with the heated pool.  We chose the botanic garden for our first foray.

Not to be outdone by purple, the garden also has a fine example of a bright pink wall. Kailey’s middle name really is Serene, and serenity is visible here.

One of my favorite garden features is a little secret garden featuring this bright purple wall.

Kailey was kind enough to agree with me that we could donate a set of images from this shoot to Tohono Chul for the use of their marketing department. I took shots at various recognizable parts of the garden and with some of the specimen plants.

The garden design at Tohono Chul is truly perfect for the Southwest. The colors are bright, and the landscape is divided into a variety of rooms. There’s the Sinagua Garden (without water), the courtyard, gardens for butterflies and hummingbirds, and so on. I love some of the colored walls that are tucked away in the garden. She looks fabulous in front of the purple wall, seated on the turquoise wall, or in front of the bright yellow wall.

The brilliant Southwest sun was such a tonic for us after the dark winter of Spokane. Heat was turned up a notch by Kailey as well.

If you have me design your garden, you’ll find I like to have divisions in the landscape that create separate rooms. It is generally less expensive to use plants to create walls and divisions of space.  If you are willing to have more construction done, I’ll go that direction with you, too.

I got a couple of shots of Kailey on this wall. One quite serene, and this one where she turns the burner up just a notch. Still sweet, just a little more spice.

It was a real treat to photograph Kailey at Tohono Chul Botanic Garden. We found many more special spots there than I can showcase here.  Tohono Chul got a variety of potential promotional shots for their use. They gave us permission to shoot in a couple of areas normally closed off, knowing that they would be receiving the files from me. Thanks, Kailey.

A giant multistem cactus is iconic for Tucson, so a natura place to pose. She was careful not to really embrace this one.

I can hear Norah Jones singing about her Toes just touch the water…it was nice and warm this January in Tucson.

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