Planting Your Containers

Planting your containers is one of the most exciting of spring activities.   It is so much fun putting them together.  I love to plan the colors, sizes and textures of my pots.  We are just coming into the time when we plant for the season. I am often asked about perennials in pots.  Here’s the… [Continue Reading]

Selecting Annuals

Selecting annuals is my favorite job of spring.  Choosing the flowers that will decorate my containers and beds for the summer is great fun.   Luckily, we grow a lot of containers, so I get a chance to grow many annuals every year.   I make my picks based on past performance, but also as a way… [Continue Reading]

When to Plant Annuals

When to plant annuals can be tricky business.   I thought I would explain the rule that I use for making this decision.  I call it the 80/50 rule.   Once we have reached 80 degrees for the high and 50 degrees for the low, enough thermal energy has been added to the environment that… [Continue Reading]

Petunia ‘Night Sky’

I would not normally write a blog on a particular petunia, but I think this one is pretty special.  I can’t really say why, but this one has just the right amount of variegation and uniqueness for my taste.  There are lots of striped petunias, and for whatever reason, I’m not attracted to those.  There… [Continue Reading]

Grand Annuals: Drop Dead Gorgeous

There are several annuals that we consider grand at Tower.  We love using Kangaroo Apple, Brugmansia, Lion’s Mane,  and Castor Bean.  Each of these is a  large plant; a specimen in its own right.  And, as you might guess from the title, many of these happen to also be poisonous if consumed (and therefore, deer… [Continue Reading]

An Uncommon Annual and an Uncommonly Fine One, too!

I’d like to introduce you to two annuals:  The Cockscomb (Celosia) and The Supertunia Vista Series. First, the uncommon Cockscomb.  Celosias such as ‘Bombay Purple’ have vibrant, almost neon flowers.  They begin the season as small, wild looking blooms down in the foliage, but end up as big heads something like a colorful brain.  They… [Continue Reading]