People often have trouble growing blueberries in Spokane, but it is really pretty easy.  They are plenty hardy if you grow the ones we sell.  The trick is having the right soil conditions.  Even in Portland where they are grown commercially, it is necessary to prepare the soil first. I got a lesson from the… [Continue Reading]

‘Ketchup and Fries’ Hybrid Tomato/Potato

OK, we grow a lot of great tomatoes at Tower.  The best new hybrids and the best of the heirlooms.  But this year there’s something new on the tomato table.  ‘Ketchup and Fries’ grows clusters of red sweet tomatoes the size of cherry tomatoes in long clusters. It also grows medium size white Potatoes! This is… [Continue Reading]

Choosing a Tomato Plant

Yes, choosing a tomato plant is a very easy task.  It is in the “self-help” department since everyone knows what a tomato is and there are no true right and wrong answers.  Who is to say a slicer is better than a cherry or vice versa?  And if you close your eyes, you’ll find it… [Continue Reading]