Mendocino Botanical Garden

I love botanical gardens (Missouri, Denver, Santa Fe, etc.) and I’ve found another one:  Mendocino Botanical Garden.  I also love Mendocino.  The combination is well worth the price of admission.   Free to the town, $8.00 to the garden.   Mendocino is located on the Northern California coast.   It’s warmer and drier than the Oregon coast.   Mendocino… [Continue Reading]

The Oregon Garden

If you are not familiar with it, The Oregon Garden is located in Silverton, Oregon (near Salem).  It came into being when the EPA required that Silverton improve its water treatment facility or pay a $10,000 a day fine.  The garden is designed around many large ponds and wetlands that serve the purpose of treating… [Continue Reading]

Victoria and Vancouver Island: Butchart Gardens

The Pacific Northwest is blessed with many special gardens and sites, but among the most dramatic are those on Vancouver Island, near Victoria, B.C.  First and foremost is Butchart Gardens.  This 55 acre garden with it’s famous sunken garden built in an old rock quarry is meticulously planted and maintained.  Whereas I often tell clients… [Continue Reading]

Summer Plant Shopping

As any nurseryman can attest, most of the plants purchased in a given year are purchased in a 4-6 week period as soon as frost is no longer expected.  We plant our containers and at the same time do most of the planting of new material. People shopping in May simply miss some of the… [Continue Reading]

Tips for you, Tips for us

There are 2 new developments at the nursery this spring.  First, when I was replacing some worn signage, I added a sign to one of our tables called “Staff Picks”.  If you get a plant from that table, you’ll be certain that we have found it to be a wonderful garden addition.  Or, it is… [Continue Reading]

Manito Park Greenhouse

The Manito Park Greenhouse (conservatory) is located in the heart of Manito Park, the undisputed jewel of our city with respect to gardens.  It’s worth a visit if you are planning a trip here, and it is worth a trip back to see it again if you live here.  I can find new and interesting… [Continue Reading]

Santa Fe Botanical Garden

The Santa Fe Botanical Garden offers inspiration to those of us living in a cold and dry climate.  Though they got more rain than us last summer, most years we’re nearly the same and given their 7000′ elevation the winter is cold much like ours (though they have considerably more sunshine).    What do we… [Continue Reading]

Denver Botanic Gardens: Garden Vortex

Tourists flock to the vortex sites of Sedona to feel the energy.  I’ve hiked all those Sedona rocks, but the best vortex I’ve found is a bit northeast from there:  Denver Botanic Gardens is sure to deliver the goods.  Their staff have been instrumental in so many new plants and their gardens show design at… [Continue Reading]

Thanks Dad

Many gardeners have supporters–people who are not really into plants, but tolerate our passions and help us achieve our dreams.  I had two big supporters that made it possible: 1. My ex-wife Susan who after a bout with cancer learned that life is short and money is not everything:  we decided to open a nursery… [Continue Reading]

Keeping the Nursery Well Stocked

The nursery business is seasonal.  Most customers come and make purchases in May and June.  Some come in April and July.  Only a trickle come outside of those months.  We’re closed for retail browsing October-March.  That’s a pretty short season. However, the work of the nursery and getting plants ready for you goes on 12… [Continue Reading]