Planting Your Containers

Planting your containers is one of the most exciting of spring activities.   It is so much fun putting them together.  I love to plan the colors, sizes and textures of my pots.  We are just coming into the time when we plant for the season. I am often asked about perennials in pots.  Here’s the… [Continue Reading]

Pottery Inventory

Our pottery inventory has a bigger than ever selection for 2017.   We have brought in pots from both China (lovely rustics) and Vietnam (modern as well as rustic).  Both are our freeze proof pottery intended for the winter here, but also beautiful when used indoors.  When we unload there are many pallets of pots… [Continue Reading]

Making Rustic Chinese Pottery

Some of the finest pottery in the world is Chinese.  Who hasn’t heard of Ming Dynasty pottery?  But they also excel at big, freeze proof, high fired pottery for container gardening.  I thought you’d enjoy seeing a bit about how these pots are made, and a glimpse of who makes them. Rustic pots have been… [Continue Reading]

Five “Musts” for Selecting a Container

When selecting a container, here are the “musts”: Durability Scale Color Form Planting Planned For the Pot Let’s dispense with the first bullet quickly.  All the pots we carry at Tower Perennial Gardens are durable and intended for outdoor use.  Very occasionally one may develop a crack, but we have thousands of pots in gardens… [Continue Reading]