Retiring, For Sale

The simple phrase, Retiring, For Sale is something I’ve known would come.  Something I can look forward to.  But, it is also a rather momentous crossroad in my life.   I have lived the life of the nurseryman.  I have breathed the winter snows, the spring frosts, and the summer’s lush repayment. If you love plants,… [Continue Reading]

March Madness

In Spokane, we are usually rooting for the Zags come March.   I did my internship and post doctoral work at Duke, and so they are another team I could root for in a pinch.  There is also March Madness every year at Tower Perennial Gardens.  I’ll give you  a hint as to what I mean……. [Continue Reading]

The Desert Museum

  The Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum, commonly the Desert Museum, is a gem in Tucson, AZ.  It is a  top flight family activity with the incorporation of a minor zoo’s worth of desert animals along with the plant exhibits of the botanic garden.  They have a stingray exhibit going now, which shows they know what kids… [Continue Reading]

Tohono Chul

Tohono Chul is a botanical garden located in Tucscon, AZ.  Although not as famous as the Desert Museum or the Saguaro National Park, it is a fine garden and well worth a visit.  The design elements are worth noting.  They have erected many walls, installed doors, made little courtyards and patios and otherwise have developed… [Continue Reading]

Rainy Road Trip

Some people might think a day or more of rain on a trip to see plants and wild landscapes would be a bad thing.  To the contrary, a rainy road trip is one of the best possible ways to have an exciting time and capture beautiful photographs.  The rainbow over Anza Borrego is certainly not… [Continue Reading]