Deer Resistance and Drought Tolerance

Cottonwood cove yucca colorful dramatic desert

Yuccas bring life to the colorful desert

Alan Tower in Coyote ButtesTwo of the biggest challenges for gardeners are conserving water and living with deer. We offer you a useful handout on each topic. We live in deer territory, and we design gardens, so we get to see what the deer do and don’t eat in gardens in our region. There are some exceptional herds, but the plants on our list are a great place to start.

We travel the desert Southwest finding plants from the Rocky Mountains and other drought tolerant natives. We also grow many special selections of drought tolerant plants that are well adapted to our climate. The handout on drought tolerance is issue oriented because there are so many plants that can tolerate low water. Even the hosta is very drought tolerant once established.

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Blanket flower

Christmas Deer  Bambi with Santa hat

This Bambi Won’t Browse