Certified Arborist

Paul used a boom truck that gave great control so the tree could be quickly removed but without damage to surrounding garden.

A certified arborist is one of the “big guns” for a garden.  As a garden designer, when I see a property one of the things I evaluate is  the need for services of an arborist.  If you need extensive removals, or extensive reshaping or the removal of any large tree, then an arborist is suggested.  They are also required to remove, prune or plant street trees in Spokane.  The homeowner is not approved for that work.

Some of the most dramatic changes in landscapes we fix up have been wrought when we remove plants that were poorly selected or have greatly outgrown the site.  Even useful trees can become so dense that plants begin to grow more poorly underneath them.  In the case of birch ,willow, or silver maple the roots may be overly competitive, but it is often the lack of light that is the problem.  As the tree grows more mature, the shade increases and year by year the garden is less impressive.  Hostas may actually begin to diminish in diameter and other shade plants like astilbe might be less prone to bloom well.  Proper pruning and thinning of the canopy can renovate a garden.

Arborists often climb a rope as opposed to a typical climbing of a tree. They know all the tricks.

Spokane has a number of well  qualified arborists, and some that tend to butcher or “top” trees.  A skilled certified arborist won’t want to apply a mushroom cloud shape to every tree on your property.   Expect them to have opinions as to which trees are, or are not, a risk to the property, and expect them to discuss any removals rather than just blindly start the logging operation.  A good arborist appreciates, even loves, trees.   The arborist can be expected to object when beautiful perfectly healthy trees are slated for removal, especially if there is room in the landscape for them to mature.  The arborist can also tell you when a plant has passed the point of ornamental value in the landscape and is due for replacement.

I have planted many, many trees at the nursery, and removed a few as well.   I removed some very sickly but invasive black locusts about 20 years ago.   I removed a very, very old apple tree that was a huge mess with the massive fruit drop that occurred annually by our employee restroom .  Even that mess I tolerated for 15 years until its age simply made it clear it was time to go.  Large branches were not leafing out well and it was in decline.  And this week, I removed a black walnut that caused a huge mess annually around our pottery display thanks to an overabundance of nuts.  It opened up the area and it eliminates many, many hours a year of picking up the nuts.   The branches were starting to reach down and be in the way of loaded vehicles leaving the nursery.  I won’t miss it.

Trees up to about a foot in diameter can be fed into a big chipper. A chipper lets them remove many, many limbs and shrubs at a time by reducing the size of the load.

Besides removals, arborists can also work with ladders and pole pruners or climb into trees and prune them.   They remove damaged branches and shape the tree ornamentally.  We just had Heindl Tree Care work for us, and they opened up the light in our shade garden so we will have a much better display this year.  We also have added some pots in that garden and they will be easier to see without the dangling branches.  That work did not take long, but it was highly effective and making the garden more beautiful and functional.

This view of a chipper makes it obvious that they really reduce the size of the load so much can be accomplished in a day of pruning and cleanup.

I use Heindl Tree Care for my arborist work and for those with my clients simply because they are fair and they do a superb job.   I really respect several other arborists in town.  I get a chance to work with them if a customer has a pre-established relationship.  There are some great people in town besides Paul’s crew, but if you aren’t working with a particular person yet, I’d at least talk to Paul Heindl.  509 475 9135  Or call me and have me consult on the garden and the overall design and I will let you know if I see a role for a certified arborist.