Big and Bold Plants

The flower on the ‘Venus’ dogwood is simply enormous, bigger than Becca’s hand.

Dogwood trees are not large, so what is one doing as the lead off in an article on big and bold plants?  Cornus kousa ‘Venus’ has enormous flowers, and that’s how it makes the cut.  Compared to other dogwoods, ‘Venus’ has flowers about twice as large.   Compare the size of the flower against one of our employee’s (Becca) hands.   The flower is bigger.  That’s impressive.

Another plant shown against the hand of Becca is Hosta ‘Sum and Substance’.   This popular hosta has the capacity to make very large leaves.  I have seen them in my own garden up to 20″ in diameter.  The clump easily exceeds 6′ in width, and sometimes over 8′.  It is one of the big and bold plants of the shade garden.

As long as I’m using Becca’s hand for comparison, here is a leaf from Hosta ‘Sum and Substance’. That is big and bold foliage!

Out in the sun, one of the brightest clumps of flowers in early June is Eriophyllum lanatum ‘June Joy’.   This brilliant yellow performer has also proven deer resistant.  Though you will likely get a couple of seedlings, it is not an invasive spreader.   It is simply unsurpassed for bright yellow color, replacing the earlier show from Genista lydia in the garden.  Grows 3-6′ in diameter.

Eriophyllum lanatum ‘June Joy’ is the big yellow flower in the center of the photo. A bold color statement.

Another big and bold plant is Crambe cordifolia.  Mollie is shown here in the midst of the huge spherical bloom, much like a giant baby’s breath.  

Mollie Weitz surrounded by the bloom of Crambe cordifolia.

And finally, let’s go to the other end of the spectrum from Hostas and Dogwood.  Although not a huge plant, Opuntia ‘Coomb’s Pink’ has big and bold pink flowers.  The plant can be 6-8′ in diameter, but it will only be about 18″ tall.  It is a great prickly pear, and has pink/purple tinted pads in the winter months.  

Opuntia ‘Coomb’s Pink’ has intensely pink flowers that cover the 6′ clump.

Big and bold plants and unexpected plants are the ones guests remember after a visit.   Treat your guests and yourself to a beautiful addition by including one or more of the many big and bold offerings from Tower Perennial.