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Tower Perennial Gardens offers a range of Garden Design and Landscape Services. We design gardens using the fantastic array of plants available at Tower, and when needed, obtain special orders to fulfil the design. Our service can be as simple as a Garden Rescue or a more comprehensive design consultation/installation. We create designs and deliver plants, but the labor for preparation and planting may be done by the homeowner or by the Tower staff. We offer a complete service, though you can save money by choosing to do the work yourself. Let us be your Garden Coach!

Front Yard path with stone stairs and stone bridge. Replacing lawn in the garden.

Landscaping is a big decision, so of course there is a contract to protect you as well as us. We have 2 simple agreements, one for Garden Rescue for small projects and a Garden Design contract for larger ones. We always charge you according to whichever is less expensive. The cost is low either way…we don’t need thousands of dollars for a design like traditional landscape designers.

A deposit is collected at the first meeting to get the process going for the new garden. Small projects under the Garden Rescue contract do not require deposits, but are billed hourly. We are not able to do free garden design; it is a short season and we are much in demand. However, we are very inexpensive as well as high in value. Alan will set you up with the least expensive option to get your goals accomplished. If you want to know more after reading the contracts, just call Alan and talk it over. We can almost always find a way to be helpful. Gardens are our passion.

Read the fine print by downloading the contracts:

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