The Flowers Gallery contains pictures of blooms that we find intriguing or simply worth a mention. It will include annual as well as perennial flowers, but all of them are plants we carry. Of course, inventory will vary over the season. If we have a great picture, that plant might sell out, but we have thousands of flowers. This gallery presents a small selection. Simply come to the nursery and you’ll have a much wider choice.

My biggest tip with flowers in the garden is to plant groups of plants and be sure to cover the seasons, not just spring. When a shopper comes in spring and gets one each of flowers that are all in bloom, I get a strong hint that their garden may be a bit of a hodgepodge (we often plant a flower in a group of 3, 5, or even more than 10 in designed gardens) and may be lacking color once spring passes (a plant does not need to be in bloom at the time of purchase).
Use those tips and browse the gallery and get inspired to make your garden even more beautiful. All photos on this website are by Alan Tower unless otherwise specified. Click on the photo to see full picture and descriptive caption.