The Trees Gallery contains pictures of trees or tree features (bark, bloom, and so on) that we’d like to share. These are trees that we carry at the nursery, but as in the other galleries, it by no means represents our full inventory. There are so many varieties of Japanese Maple, Beech, Spruce and so on that we won’t be showing you everything. We’ll just show you some cool plants that you might otherwise not consider. We’ll also feature pictures of fall, spring or winter that may not be evident at the time of your nursery visit.

We encourage you to consider carefully the placement of a tree in the garden. The main consideration is size at maturity. When I am out and about doing designs I see too many gardens that require removals because trees were planted too close to a walk or a home. Cute at the time of planting, and a full looking yard at the time of planting may be a jungle when the gardens mature. Check these trees out though. Isn’t there room for one more?