Pottery shipment smallTower Perennial Gardens offers a big selection of freeze proof pottery. Our pots are made to be outdoors even in winter, but they make a big statement indoors as well. We carry containers of many sizes, including hard to find large containers for big plantings, small trees, and such. Glazes include handsome rustics in several colors as well as traditional colors. Many of our containers may be used as focal points or art in the garden. Some pots do not even need to be planted. Their form says it all. But if you do want to plant them, we specialize in container design, as mentioned below.

Container Design

We can help you find the right plants for your pots…ones that fit your garden and style. We even offer the service of coming to your home and planting containers in spring for those of you with many Tower pots or big areas to plant. Our annuals are second to none, Just call the nursery at 448 6778 to schedule.