Retiring, For Sale

The barn is our cashier’s home base. We’re on 8+ acres of lovely pastoral land.

The simple phrase, Retiring, For Sale is something I’ve known would come.  Something I can look forward to.  But, it is also a rather momentous crossroad in my life.   I have lived the life of the nurseryman.  I have breathed the winter snows, the spring frosts, and the summer’s lush repayment.

If you love plants, there is little that can compare to this life.   Perhaps nothing compares. 

Todd is deadheading this garden, a job done just today by Annalisa and Braden.

The support and skill of my employees keeps the nursery on track.   I have had the great fortune to have Chessy with me for a long stretch.  Next spring will mark her 18th season.  If she had been born at the nursery, she would be old enough to vote!  Others may be recent, but still exceptional.   Some have passed on.   We miss Milo and Wayne.   

Retiring, For Sale says it all.   I plan to move from Spokane.  I must sell the business.  It can remain a nursery or it can become a wedding venue, event center, luxury home and garden, or …????  My hope is that whoever buys it will make it his or her own place.   I’ll help with any transition or training.  I wish I had had me to help when I started the business.   I just had to wing it, but these decades later, I have a pretty decent idea how the game is played.

If you have the sort of checkbook to afford this inventory and the rest of the property, call 509 710 9692.  You’ll have the time of your life.  

Plants dominate our landscape and our purpose.

It is really arbitrary to choose a bloom to represent the thousands of varieties we carry. ‘Julia Child’

The cleomes dominate the hummingbird garden. We have gardens that are much appreciated by the wildlife.